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Jumbo Taho

Jumbo Taho

Jumbo Taho

Forty pesos worth of delicious and healthful goodness. Yum!

Mom’s Basket Lactation Cookies


My friend makes these wonderful lactation cookies that help breastfeeding mothers produce more milk. She sent me some over yesterday, and when I took a bite off one, I died and went straight to cookie heaven. They are sooooo sooooo sooooo good.

The cookies are not limited to breastfeeding moms. My son enjoyed his cookie yesterday, and my husband, who is a professional chef, declared they were sublime.

For super delicious cookies, visit her Facebook page, Mom’s Basket. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Mango Shakes

IMG_1572 IMG_1571Our mangoes were getting overripe so I made mango shakes yesterday. The oranges were the only ones left in our fruit basket. :)

Simply M&S Nice Biscuits with Coconut

Simply M&S Nice Biscuits with Coconut

Simply M&S Nice Biscuits with Coconut

These really, really, really taste nice. I cannot stop eating them! I am addicted. :p

Pink Inspiration



I love everything about this pic—the colors, the style, the pillows message. Simply divine. <3

RBy’s Steak and Shake

2015-02-07 (12b)

Pink lemonade in a mason jar and hearts. I am in love.

2015-02-07 (15)

Fries on fries

2015-02-07 (16)


Delicious. I just wish the offerings on the menu could be made more affordable.

(RBy’s Steak and Shake is located at 152A Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.)

Love in Marriage

“Love and marriage, they go together like a horse and carriage …,” as the famous song goes. However, as all married couples know, it takes more than love to make a marriage work. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are ten tips for keeping the fire burning bright and hot in a marriage (or any relationship for that matter).

Tip 1 Tip 2 Tip 3 Tip 4 Tip 5 Tip 6 Tip 7 Tip 8 Tip 9 Tip 10Long live love!

Avon’s Makeout Red and Amour Rose

Avon's totally kissable lipstick in Makeout Red (left) and ultra moisture rich rose lipstick in Amour Rose (right)

Avon’s totally kissable lipstick in Makeout Red (left) and ultra moisture rich rose lipstick in Amour Rose (right)

I had recently bought two new shades of lipstick from Avon and I love them both!

Milo Cookies

Chewy milo cookies

Chewy Milo cookies

Milo cookies washed down with warm milk are the best!

Thanks, Pipay!


New year, new opportunities. Now is the time to stretch and grow. No guts, no glory.




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