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Red Skater Dress

Red skater dress

My dress crush

I’ve been crushing on this red skater dress for so long now that I can’t even remember where I got the photo in the first place. Love the cut, love the color, just plain love, love, love the dress. Where can I find a nice, affordable one?

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

Serye Cafe Filipino

2014-10-16 (3)


2014-10-16 (4)

Ampalaya with beef and tausi

2014-10-16 (5)

Crispy pata

2014-10-16 (6)

Serye’s special coffee

2014-10-16 (7)

Turon a la mode

When it comes to Philippine cuisine, Serye is one of the established names that come to mind, and for good reason. They have been serving consistently good Filipino dishes with well-loved, home-cooked flavors but with a bit more flair.

The highlight of our last stop at Serye was their “something-berry” blend (I apologize, I forgot the name). It was so good. I must go back if only to find out what this special blend was.

Keepsakes from China

A magnet featuring the Terracotta Warriors, a pair of cozy socks, and pack of delicious dried fruit tea

Gifts from a thoughtful friend: a magnet featuring the Terracotta Warriors, a pair of comfy socks, and pack of delicious dried fruit tea. She knows me well. :)

My friend recently came back from a trip to Beijing and Xi’an.

Beijing is the current capital of the People’s Republic of China and is home to the famed Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City. From

Xi’an is one of the four great ancient capitals of China, it’s most famous attraction being the awe-inspiring collection of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang.

First pit of terracotta warriors. From

First pit of terracotta warriors. From

I definitely have these two on my travel bucket list.

Scenes from Bicol

2014-10-26 (31)

Pancit Bato. Delicious. Can be eaten on its own.

2014-10-26 (2)

Mayon Volcano on a cloudy morning. No lava spotted.

2014-10-26 (9)

Gumamelas from a local garden

2014-10-26 (12)

Railroad sign

2014-10-26 (13)

An older version of the town’s railroad signs

2014-10-26 (15)

Train tracks

2014-10-26 (16)

Tricycles in the foreground. Mayon Volcano in the background.

2014-10-26 (17)

Mayon Volcano

2014-10-26 (18)

Missing the GO

2014-10-26 (19)

Busy market day

2014-10-26 (20)

Dried fish

2014-10-26 (21)

Locally made knives, scythes, scissors, etc.

2014-10-26 (22)

Woven mats

2014-10-26 (23)

A market stall

2014-10-26 (24)

More dried fish

2014-10-26 (25)

Pancit Bato, a local specialty

2014-10-26 (26)

A typical street scene

2014-10-26 (27)

Same view, different frame

2014-10-26 (28)

A closer peek at Mayon Volcano

2014-10-26 (29)

Mayon Volcano and the town

Did a little bit of traveling over the weekend with the family. Here are a few shots of the busy provincial town of Polangui, Albay, Philippines. Enjoy!

6 Beds to Sink Into

In honor of today’s bed weather, here are six awesome beds I would love to sink into.


Beautiful, relaxing colors


Sweet and comfy


Awww … Just like a warm hug ….


Where dreams sail you away


I can stay in bed the whole day reading a good book.


Stay and dream.

If only I can stay in bed the whole day today. I can only dream for now …

Keep safe and dry, everyone!

Postcards from Friends

Hellos from Bangkok and LA

Hellos from Bangkok and LA

I love receiving postcards from friends from wherever they are. These definitely put a smile on my face. :)

Thinking of sending our family (my husband, my kid, and I) postcards when we travel. Just a little something to capture the moment. Who knows, this might become a family tradition. I will try this idea on our next trip.

Dinner with the Girls

2014-10-14 (1) 2014-10-14 (6) 2014-10-14 (7) 2014-10-14 (8) 2014-10-14 (14) 2014-10-14 (20) 2014-10-14 (21) 2014-10-14 (22) 2014-10-14 (28) 2014-10-14 (29)2014-10-14 (30)

For a working mom like me, me time is precious. The time for myself reenergizes me and puts me in the right mood to be a better wife and mother. My me time could either be a solitary drive, a pampering session at the spa or salon, a meal all to myself, a date with a cup of hot tea and a good book, a night watching the telly, a yoga session, or it could be time spent with good friends.

This night was a night with the girls. I just love it when we all get together to let our hair down, have a glass of wine or two, and catch up on each other’s lives.

This was a fun night filled with good food and laughter. Good cheer all around. <3

Hap Chan Tea House

2014-10-05 (5)

Red lanterns

2014-10-05 (7)

Delicious Ceylon house tea

2014-10-05 (10)

Noodles with lobster balls

2014-10-05 (11)

A closer look at those lobster balls

2014-10-05 (13)

Yang Chow fried rice

2014-10-05 (12)

Shanghai rolls

Because I love Chinese food, it was a given that I was one happy diner. Plus the staff were super nice, too. Two thumbs up! :)

Suelas Beauchamp in Rose Gold


Suelas Beauchamp


In Rose Gold

I love ballerina flats, especially when they’re of soft, supple leather in an attractive nude hue. This is why I am in love with my new pair from Suelas. They are a bit loose, as they don’t carry half sizes in my size range, but all their other qualities make up for this flaw.

To check out other Suelas designs, visit their online shop here.

Bath & Body Works Tuscan Melon Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

2014-09-15 (45)

Bath & Body Works Tuscan melon deep cleansing hand soap

With micro beads for deep-cleansing action, and a sweet, fruity scent that transports you back to summer. :)


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